Old Master Gallery assists collectors in purchasing artwork tailored to personal aesthetic sensibilities, budgets, existing collections and a variety of other factors. As dealers, we transcend the parameters of a traditional gallery and are able to source artwork from our extensive international network of galleries, dealers and private collectors. We prioritize our clients’ needs above all else and are involved in all steps of the buying process, from initial research to shipping, framing and installation.
Selling artwork privately offers a host of advantages and alleviates the stresses involved in the often complex process of de-accessioning artwork. Collectors can rely on Robert Parro to handle all aspects of selling art without having to worry about superfluous hidden fees and costly expenses associated with marketing an item for auction or at commercial galleries. We carry out comprehensive research to determine an artwork’s fair market value and consult with the seller throughout every step of the sales transaction. We value discretion and confidentiality and preserve privacy and anonymity.
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An international, full-service fine-art firm that specializes in 16th century to 19th century European Masters while also handling American and Canadian Historical & Contemporary Art.

With 30 years of experience, Old Master Gallery Inc. offers a wide range of services to a diverse set of clients. We are committed to advising both novice and seasoned collectors on how to enhance, expand and edit their current art collections. We guide our clients to make sound investment decisions when purchasing artwork, as well as offer counsel in navigating the sale of artwork from their collections, inheritances and/or estates. Old Master Gallery Inc, offers a highly confidential environment for our clients and, additionally, we provide a complete array of value-added services, including market analysis, evaluations, importing and exporting art, restoration, framing consultations .


multi-talented artist


Christopher Knights is a multi-talented artist, working in a variety of mediums including oil, encaustic, fresco, metal, and wood. He was trained in editorial illustration, however, his most recent work is characterized by whimsical and seductive abstract motifs that reference the natural world. Born and raised in Collingwood, Ontario, being close to nature has provided inspiration for this central theme in his work. Knights has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions from 1986-2013 in Toronto. From 2003-2009, Knights was the art curator of the Engine Gallery and the Engine Gallery Distillery District, of which he was the co-founder.
While viewing the 51st. Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition on the opening day Art dealer in Toronto at Old Master Gallery met Christopher Knights and told him Iwe will buy all the paintings he has. After going to his residence I picked out some 17 paintings from smaller compositions to large scale works. His works were brilliant, with great movement and imagination. While I guess my eye was right, he ended up winning the best Painter in the Exhibition. My colleague, Michel Biguet from C.F.A. Gallery was equally amazed at his works. We were both happy to promote Christopher's works where we could. A Great Talent indeed!! Old Master Gallery in Toronto is pleased to offer some of Christopher Knights best paintings in our opinion, from his early painting style.
evokes the feeling of familiarity

Joseph Cach

The work of Joseph Cach evokes the feeling of familiarity you get with famous painters or the old masters. Studied at Charles University, exhibited in Japan, Germany Spain Canada, the US and Czechoslovakia. `` We as artists observe, see, hear and sense everything that helps trigger creativity. If you find inspiration, you have no choice but to materialize those thoughts on the canvas or any given medium. No matter how painful it is in the beginning, you have to do it. The artist exposes him/herself through their art, opening up their internal thoughts for the world to see, which can be daunting at first, but becomes rewarding with time.``
talented, unassuming artists of our age

Ludek Bogner

Ludek Bogner is one of the most talented, unassuming artists of our age. Being born in former Czechoslovakia , Ludek came to Canada settling in Toronto in 66 . He is a Cinematographer and Director of Photography for many TV and Hollywood productions such as Tarzan, which was shot in Mexico which lasted for many years. He was involved with 35 feature films in total. Ludek is also an incredible Still-Life photographer, a puppeteer, a scene creator for which he created scenes for a Czech play right company where is also acted. But he is also a wonderful painter, and Sculptor. Each of Ludek's paintings are colourful expressions of his life surrounded by nature and beauty. Whether it is a landscape, or an abstract, there is great movement with colours to match.
He has always reminded me of a cross between Dick van Dyke and The Professor in Back to the Future with his comical antics, jokes and wittiness.
Above all Ludek is a very good person, being thoughtful, and caring to people.
He truly Loves life, food he can take or leave it but he has the gift of the gab.
He has a wonderful spiritual side that makes him very modest and humble.
I am proud to call him a friend.


Ela&Krzysztof Swierczynski

Old Master Gallery is a fantastic place to appreciate, learn about and purchase fine art that adds inspiration to our lives. Robert is an enthusiastic, expert and kind host who will educate and inspire you.

Daniel Rubinoff

I had the privilege of connecting with Robert Parro at Old Master Gallery. I was looking for some guidance in getting an appraisal for my paintings. He was patient with my questions and provided me with the answers I was looking for. Robert is knowledge and passionate about all things art! Combine that with his charm and personality, and it was a great experience! Highly recommend connecting with Robert at Old Master Gallery for all of your art dealing needs.

Jason D'Rocha
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