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Large Painting the Allegory of the Carpenter. Leo Van Beers 1896 !


Title: Allegory of the Carpenter

Artist: Leo Van Beers

Origin: Begium

Size: 34″ x 41″

Frame; Period Gold composite and wood 5″ wide

Signed By Beers Front and Back  with Boom 1886.

Painting is Very heavy so Must arrange Shipping with 3rd party from Location in Toronto



Jan van Beers
Jan van Beers in his studio, Paris c. 1885–90.jpg

Van Beers in his studio, Paris, late 1880s
Jean Marie Constantin Joseph Van Beers

27 March 1852

Lier, Belgium
Died 17 November 1927 (aged 75)

Known for Painter, illustrator

An 1891 Vanity Faircaricature of Van Beers titled “The Modern Wiertz”

Van Beers posing as Sir Anthony van Dyck

Jean Marie Constantin Joseph “Jan” van Beers (27 March 1852 – 17 November 1927)[1] was a Belgian painter and illustrator, the son of the poet Jan van Beers. They are sometimes referred to as Jan van Beers the elder and Jan van Beers the younger. In 1884, Jan Van Beers produced the pen-and-ink sketches for the edition de luxe of his father’s poetry.

Early life

Van Beers studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Soon afterwards, he became the leader of a group of young artists, the “Van Beers clique.” This group included the artists Piet Verhaert (1852–1908), Alexander Struys (1852–1941), and Jef Lambeaux (1852–1908). They were well known for their mischievous and eccentric behaviour, including walking around Antwerp dressed in historic costumes.[2]


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